Every Musician Starts Somewhere, Play Your First Note Here Providing Private Music Lessons for Everyone

Every Musician Starts Somewhere, Play Your First Note Here Providing Private Music Lessons for Everyone

Playing Guitar

Let Me Help You Reach Your Musical Goals

At T.O.L. STUDIOS, I have been providing kids and adults with private music lessons for more than seven years. Many clients in Greenwood, Indiana trust me to help them write beautiful songs and master their musical instrument, whether it is a guitar, a piano, or drums. I also provide recording studio services to support you in bringing your compositions to life.

A Dedicated and Talented Instructor

My name is Doug Redmond, and I am a professional and passionate music teacher. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, you can count on me to help you achieve your full musical potential.


Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Georgeanna W.

“Doug is such a wonderful teacher! My daughter needed him to be a mentor for her senior capstone project. I am so glad we found him! He was so understanding and accommodating with exactly what she wanted to accomplish. He was very patient and explained everything to her during the entire process. Doug genuinely cares for his students and with a lot of love for music. He has many years of experience and knowledge in teaching music, also very friendly, kind and professional. I highly recommend him for any level or age group in music training.”

Matt S.

“I’ve been doing lessons with Doug for the past several months. He has a recommended lesson plan but will change the lessons based on your interests and learning style. I spent a few months learning guitar, then switched to Piano. I’d like to do vocal lessons at some point as well. It’s nice that I can learn whatever I like with one teacher.”

Craig V.

“Doug is a very caring and patient, talented instructor, he lets you learn at your own pace. It's fun to learn from a person who has a passion for music. Guitar, Drums, Piano. I'm in my late 50s beginner guitar so it's never too late to start. You can do lessons online or at his place. During the covid-19 he did everything online to keep everyone safe. Now that things are kinda getting back to normal he has masks and cleans and disinfect the lesson room after every student.”

Have Any Questions?

Get in touch with me today to get the answers you need. I look forward to helping you with your musical training.